Feature – 3rd Party Review Management

Reviews.io are very excited to announce our latest feature, third party review management. Collect and respond to reviews from Google Local, Facebook and Amazon, all from your Reviews.io dashboard. This is an absolute game-changer in the Reviews business, and we are pleased to finally unveil these new features to the public.

Why third party review management?

Collecting reviews across multiple platforms is time consuming, difficult and hard to manage effectively. Your reputation may be fantastic on your main reviews collection platform, but it may be lacking reviews, or worse, filled with 1 or 2 star reviews across Google Local, Facebook or Amazon. You may have thousands of actively collected reviews on Reviews.io, but you’ve not concentrated on the other platforms, who have a smattering of bad reviews which may or may not be justified or verified.

Reviews.io comes to the rescue with an all-in-one solution to collect, manage and publish reviews to the main review platforms. For the first time in the industry, you can now collect reviews from multiple sources, and manage them in your Reviews timeline.

How can this help my business?

Put simply, you can manage your reputation across the web from one place, offering a consistent reviewing experience to your customers. You’ll get a Review Score for each platform, and this aggregates into your overall Happiness Index giving you a live indication of customer satisfaction across the web.

What’s more, our intelligent optimiser will automatically request reviews for those platforms with a lower score, meaning you can improve your reputation on the sites which need it, all without lifting a finger.

Everyone loves a slider

Give me some examples

Lets say you have an average Google Local score of 2 stars (with 10 reviews) , while your Reviews.io score is 4.7 stars (with 280 reviews). Clearly, you’re giving great service but it looks like a couple of bad experiences have slipped through the net. You probably didn’t even realise people were reviewing you on Google Local (which is possible for anyone with a Gmail account).

You’d resolve this simply by directing your customers to review you on Google Local using the same, automated email process supplied by Reviews.io. This process can happen automatically until enough reviews are collected to bump up your Google Local score. You can also manually override your review requests to choose to send review traffic to any of the third party platforms.

Reviews.co.uk 3rd Party Review Collection

Don’t forget, by actively requesting reviews you are far more likely to get a positive rating than waiting for a bad review from one unhappy customers. Remember, the silent majority will give you a positive review, but only if you ask them!

Google Local, Facebook, Amazon

We currently support the 3 main third-party locations where your customers will search for reviews. Each platform is visible in web search results so it’s very likely your prospective customers will read reviews in these locations if they do a Google search for your company. The only question you need to ask yourself is “how much control do I want over my online reputation?”.

Reviews.io can direct your customers to respond to reviews on all these third party locations, and we offer very modest monthly fees with no long contracts. You can simply try us and see how you get on.

The benefits are that you’ll be able to improve your Google Local, Amazon and Facebook ratings without a large initial financial outlay.

How much is this going to cost?

Third party review monitoring and collection is included in our Enterprise package.

We’ve got 3 packages to choose from, depending on your business goals. Take a look here for more pricing details. We offer monthly contracts – you don’t need to pay up-front annually with Reviews.io.

I’m convinced! Where do I sign up?

Grab your free trial by clicking on the button below, and you’ll be up and running with an account in about 3 minutes.