Are Review Extensions In Google Adwords Being Phased Out?

We’ve seen a recent article from Search Engine Journal reporting that Google are phasing out Review Extensions from Adwords from January 2018. We want to let our customers know that if Google does change their policy, it won’t affect them. Here’s why.


Review extensions in Adwords are a way that businesses can highlight third party reviews written by “respected third party sources”. Generally, these will mainly include journalistic sources or official bodies. You may have seen the snippet across ads when you perform a Google search. Here’s an example:-

Source: Google

Google’s policy has always been not to include individual customer reviews in these extensions – rather they are hand-picked from official journals or bodies by the advertiser and entered into the Extensions area of their Adwords account. Google state on their Review Extensions page:-

“Some of the things that could prevent a review from being approved include:
– Using individual personal reviews (not from a publication/organisation)”

How does this affect customers

In short, it doesn’t. We’re surprised to note that Search Engine Journal stated, “This could potentially be a blow to third-party review sites, as the reviews displayed in the extensions came from non-Google websites”, because this could mislead customers of third party review platforms like

The reviews that Google Licensed third party sites like collect are always from individual customers, sent directly to Google as part of their content license. They are entirely separate from Google’s Review Extension feature in Adwords, and as such, are completely unaffected by any proposed change to that extension by Google.

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