Identifying and Combating Fake Reviews

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Fake reviews can be an issue in the reviews collection business.  We want your customers to leave open, honest and verified reviews for products and services which they have purchased.  We have a number of measures in place to ensure that all reviews collected adhere to these guidelines.


Verified reviews are published to Google only once the review invitation is matched up to a unique customer identifier (usually the order number and email address).  This way we know that a review is genuine.

In addition to this we have other proprietary methods to keep track on review authenticity.  It is a sad fact of life that some unscrupulous retailers try to “game” the system by writing fake reviews on their own company. This is bad practice, it’s unethical and it’s obvious.

It’s also easily discovered, so today we are naming and shaming one such company who we have discovered to be writing fake reviews for their own business on

Fake Reviews Discovered

We recently terminated our contract with Stylelounge, a website based in France (.fr), for their practice of writing fake reviews on our site. We noticed some suspicious activity on their account (which we’ve love to talk about but obviously we have to keep our review verification methods a little private).

A number of reviews were spotted purporting to be from a range of different customers. These were all written in quick succession over the course of a number of days. However, there were a number of things about these reviews which did not pass our quality checks.

We took the decision based on our data to terminate their account. We don’t want paying customers who are taking advantage of our system because in the long run it hurts everyone.

Bringing Trust to Reviews takes review fraud very seriously.  We have measures in place to track and trace any suspicious review activity and we will not tolerate review fraud in any form.  Your customers need to trust that online reviews are genuine, authentic and honest.

We will always strive to weed out any improper use of our platform. If you suspect a company of participating in review fraud on our platform, you may contact us in strictest confidence to discuss at

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