Feature – In-Store Reviews

What are In-Store Reviews?

In-store review collection allows you to capture customer data at the most relevant time, while the customer is still in your store. After an in-store purchase is made, your customer will be offered a tablet where they can leave feedback on their experience. You’ll gain insight on the level of service each department of your business is offering.
To get started, we upload your customised app on to your tablet so you can ask customers to review your company right then and there.

Why do you need In-Store Reviews?

The In-store Review dashboard shows how well each of your stores are performing compared to other locations. You’ll be able to spot poor performing stores as well as weaknesses in the business quickly and accurately.
You can also collect customer data from your in-store customers, including phone numbers and date of birth. This data can then be used for future promotional events.
Increase the amount of Google Local reviews you are collecting, with our one click ‘+review’ technology.

Can I customise the In-Store reviews app?

In-Store Reviews

Of course you can! Our solution is flexible, easy to set up and can be done with just a couple of clicks. Our team of designers and developers can create the in-store app to match your stores branding, including your website’s colours, logos, and more.
Your In-Store app should be an extension of your branding and we’ll help you get it just right.

Who’s using In-Store Reviews?

In Store Reviews Customers

In an addition to email review invites, many companies use the in-store app to collect their reviews as well.

Reasons to use the in-store app:

  • Shows how well each store is performing.
  • Collects data from your in-store customers.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Reviews collected in-store are included in seller rating score in Google.
  • Rewards customers with a coupon that drives them back into the store or to your website.

How do I get started?

Just download the in-store reviews app from the App Store or the Google Play store and log in to your Review.co.uk dashboard. Call us or catch us on live-chat if you need In-Store reviews feature added to your account, we’ll be happy to help.

In store reviews app stores

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