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We pride ourselves on being the highest-rated and most advanced review platform on the market, and a quick glance on G2Crowd affirmed our beliefs. We went ahead and compared ourselves with our competitor Yotpo ( vs Yotpo) and were very pleased with how we rated.

For every single category on G2Crowd we rated the most highly, really solidifying our claims of providing fantastic solutions for all business sizes, ease of usability and support, as well as great pricing with no lengthy contracts.

Price plans

Although at first glance it may appear Yotpo have better options, with a Free plan and their Growth plan being a similar price to our Small Business plan but that’s not the case.

We have 3 clear-cut plans, including a free trial:

– Free Trial
– Small £45
– Growing £89
– And Enterprise £299.

These are the prices, and each plan is clearly labelled on our site with what it offers you. However, Yotpo’s paid plans along with their free trial are as follows:

– Free Trial
– Free $0
– Growth from $49
– Powerhouse ?
– Visual Marketing ?
– And Enterprise ?

Prices under the microscope

Firstly, their Growth plan starts from $49, which implies pricing may increase either before sign up, or during use. And their other plans leave you in the dark as to cost. Custom solutions are great, but having a general sense of pricing upon skimming is ideal.

Not only that, their Growth plan isn’t actually listed on their pricing page. It still exists, but isn’t quite what it seems. It states it offers up to 200 collection emails for $49, but when we look at the FAQ (at the bottom of the same page), $49 actually only gets you up to 100. Fair enough they did say up to, but that’s objectively misleading.

For that 200 figure, you need to spend $99. So what are you actually getting? It’s all very vague and slightly convoluted. What their price plan should read:

– Free Trial
– Free $0
– Growth $49 (100 collection emails and no seller ratings on Google)
– Growth $75 (150 collection emails and no seller ratings on Google…)
– Growth $99 (200 collection emails, and guess what, no seller ratings on Google)
– All other plans assumedly over $99 plus.

We only offer fair plans, with complete transparency on rolling contracts which don’t tie you down. If you’re unhappy with the service, you can easily cancel, or if you need to change your subscription you are able to upgrade/downgrade as necessary. It’s as simple as that.

Plus, with our Small Business plan at £45 getting you 400 collection emails, AND your stars and Seller Ratings on Google, it’s no wonder why our users rate us so highly.

Category ratings

We also rate more highly across all category varieties surrounding services and ease of use. Let’s take a look at those ratings broken down further.

Meeting requirements

“ is more successful at meeting users’ requirements than Yotpo”

This is the same according to both our Small and Growing/Mid businesses. We strive to meet all company requirements now matter how big or small, and clearly our efforts are paying off!

We like to offer our clients custom service because no one company is alike. Every need is different and requires differing support, and meeting those requirements is, and always will be, top of our priorities.

Ease of Use

“ is easier to use than Yotpo, according to users.”

Collection and management should be simple, easy, and remove the stress from you, which all our users claim we do! Independent review collection can be a hassle, and a lot to keep on top of.

Our review solutions leave you with the important jobs, such as; designing your collection emails to match your brand; customising your collection questions; and importantly, speeding up review responding through easy review management.

Ease of setup

“According to users, rates higher for ease of setup than Yotpo.”

Along with ease of use, our ease of setup is similarly straightforward and pain-free. With a little information and data sharing from you to us, and some copy and pasting on your behalf, we take on board the more laborious tasks to leave setup a breeze.

If our users ever find anything difficult or confusing however, our support team is always on hand to walk you through it.

Ease of admin

“According to users, rates higher for ease of admin than Yotpo.”

Once again we trump for ease of use, this time in regards to admin. Our developers are always making sure the dashboard and user interface are flawless so you can quickly manage your reviews.

Not only that, our customer service team can handle any of your administrative woes in a heartbeat, solidifying our rating for our high success rate in meeting user requirements.

Quality of support

“ outperforms Yotpo in quality of support according to its users.”

Across all our plans we provide email, phone, and live chat support so no matter where you are, or what you’re doing you can contact us for advice and help.

But it isn’t just all these options that keep our customers happy. It honestly comes down to our great team who offer those services, bringing their insight and advice to cement that quality of support we’re rated so highly for.

Ease of doing business with

“ is easier to do business with than Yotpo, users say.”

Ease should be our middle name, with not 1, not 2, not even 3 successes for ease, but a 4th high rating for ease of doing business with.

This might boil down to our transparency, as outlined at the start regarding our price plans. If you start to feel tricked or confused about what handing your hard earned cash over actually gets you, this will reduce the ease at which people feel when trying to use your services.

At the end of the day we’re real people trying to get your business the solutions it needs, so we’re not here to give you the run around or take up hours of your precious time. There’s no daylight robbery, no hidden costs, and we provide you with the patience and time of day to make that sign up, transition, or support call go as smoothly as possible.

Product direction

“ users say the product is going in the right direction more frequently than Yotpo users.”

We don’t shout about being the most advanced platform on the market for no reason! We provide state of the art review collection and management solutions, including 3rd party collection and iOS app review management, which are exclusive to

We know that to be the top of our game we have to keep up with change, which not only benefits us, but offers your company up-to-date and fresh features.

Favourable and critical reviews

Lastly, not only is our most helpful favourable review positive:

“The fact we’re not tied into a single platform – we are building our ‘reviews’ across Google, Trustpilot, etc, as well.”

But even our most helpful critical review praises our services:

“Other review platforms (Trustpilot and Ekomi especially). Their pricing is unfair and they try to lock you in to lengthy contracts through bullying.”

But that’s not what’s got us grinning from ear to ear. Our competitor Yotpo’s most helpful critical review, when read in full actually suggests using us instead:

“I’d suggest looking into I don’t have an account with them yet, but they seem to be offering 80% of the product for 10% of the price.”

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself:

We only ever deliver great solutions to our clients, which are fair, transparent, and top of their game. But with all the advertising that encapsulates us these days it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff in regards to solution claims.

Our clients hopefully clarify and underline the services we promote, in order to simplify that sorting process leaving you well – and accurately – informed.

Blog summary

So there it is, our G2Crowd rating stands proudly across all fronts, solidifying our beliefs that we offer great solutions, services, and support for your business.

We don’t just stand tall against Yotpo, we also trump Feefo and Trustpilot ratings, again hammering home the fantastic services we provide our customers.

We’re best in show for:

– Price
– Meeting our customers requirements
– Ease of use, setup, admin, and general business
– Quality of support provided
– Positive product direction and,
– Our client feedback

To find out how we can benefit your business, and get you signed up to the most advanced, most favoured, and highly rated review platform, click the signup button at the top of this page, or call one of our friendly team today.